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5 watt

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Please watch the video before purchasing.

It is recommended that the battery be recharged after it is fully charged.

when charging ,plug the charger directly into the AC 110-240v 50/60hz power socket ,and plug the charger into the product DC socket,
start charging in the socket state ,the indicator light turns red when the signal is completely green the power supply is full.

high brightness patch LED lamp is adopted as the light source, which is highly energy saving and energy saving safe and stable,
with long life span ,free from lead, Mercury and other harmful substances green and environmental protection,
no thermal radiation, no ultraviolet ray, and fully take care of your health,

Use energy saving and environmental protection rechargeable Lithium battery, waterproof and dustproof design.

the product has a hook, which is easy to carry and can behung anywhere.

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with hook


Please watch the video before purchasing.

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